Akamai HD Network Akamai Media Player v2: Samples

The links below are sample implementations of the Akamai Media Player by Professional Services. To get a better understanding of how the pages work, please look at the source code for each page. Each sample has a corresponding config file and is outlined in the table below. The config file can be edited to change the behavior of the player.

Configurator: To configure flashvars and generate a video player based on the options selected by the user.

User Guide: Instructions to configure and use the player

Page Description HTML file Related files
Video On-Demand Sample implementation for an ondemand stream
sample_vod.html Config: sample_vod_config.xml
Live with DVR Sample implementation for a live stream with DVR enabled
sample_live_dvr.html Config: sample_live_dvr_config.xml
Javascript Console Demonstrates manipulating the player via Javascript
sample_js_console.html Config: sample_js_console_config.xml
Playlist (RSS) Demonstrates using a playlist in RSS format sample_vod_feed.html

Config: sample_vod_feed_config.xml

RSS Feed:

Playlist (Carousel) Demonstrates a playlist where users can choose which video to view
sample_vod_playlist.html Config: sample_vod_playlist_config.xml
Playlist (Pre-set sequencing) Demonstrates a playlist where the videos are defined via javascript
sample_vod_queue.html Config: sample_vod_queue_config.xml
FlashVars Demonstrates the use of FlashVars to configure the player
sample_flashvars.html Config: sample_flashvars_config.xml
Closed Captioning enabled Demonstrates Closed Captioning (CC) feature of the player
HDClient enabled Demonstrates HDClient enabled on the player
sample_hdclient.html Config: sample_hdclient_config.xml
MP3 Audio Playback Demonstrates MP3 audio playback
sample_mp3.html Config: sample_mp3_config.xml
Localization Demonstrates localization feature
sample_localization.html Config: sample_localization_config.xml
Event Management State Demonstrates Event Management State
sample_eventmanagementstates.html Config: sample_eventmanagementstates_config.xml